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How to Write a Shakespearean Sonnet

Fourteen Lines of Fun

A Shakespearean sonnet is not difficult to construct. The difficulty is in perfecting it. Your goal should not be… to create a perfect sonnet on your first attempt. Enjoy the creative process and have fun developing your poetry skills. I will present the basic style components of a Shakespearean sonnet. A sonnet in this style is also called an English sonnet.


Youth Ice Hockey: Creating a Culture of Safety and Respect

Methods to Reduce Injuries in Youth Ice Hockey

Youth ice hockey is an outstanding sport. Like any youth sport there is risk of injury. Ice hockey certainly has its share of head injuries. Too many in my opinion. There is room for improvement. Changing a culture is not about failure. It is about taking new information to improve the safety of a sport and reduce injuries to our children, the players. Youth ice hockey is a physical sport. It is not a reckless sport.

“I am the 99 percent”: A Modern American Tweet Revolution

Good Morning Mr. and Mrs. Politician Hear the Voice of the American People!

Technology is pushing the world forward in a different way this time around. The ability to instantly communicate is now a mainstay ‘of the people’. Armed with Tweets, Facebook and related technology, people can organize in a blink. ‘Flash mobs’ are now the revolutionaries of the world. This is a good thing. The ability to ‘flash’ organize will be the end of or the counter to the money throwing lobbyists. The people now have their voice back or at least will realize they are on the verge of being able to speak loudly. Tweet and you shall be heard.

The Continuum Income Taxation Model: A Simple Change for the 99%

The Challenge: Create a 3 Page Income Tax Plan that is Equitable and Fair

At some point of every civilization the government becomes bloated and disconnected from the people. Often it is unintended. As the disconnect widens and the bloating becomes gluttony, a revolution occurs. Sometimes it is fierce and lead with burning fire. Sometimes it fierce and lead with an enlightening flame. Change or willingness to change becomes the actual barrier to restoring order, law and most importantly a sense of fairness. No taxation document should be volumes. What is hidden in all those pages? The answer is inequity. My challenge was to create an income tax plan that was less than 3 pages long.

How to Ferment and Collect Tomato Seeds

Tomato Vegetable Gardening and Seed Collecting

Tomato seeds need to be fermented to remove a gel sac that surrounds them. Fermenting the seeds prepares them for germination. This Knol article teaches you everything you need to know about fermenting and collecting tomato seeds.

All My Garden Knols & Related Knols to Gardening

Gary Pilarchik's Gardening Table of Contents

This is the best way to create a table of contents and link all my gardening, growing and cooking Knols together. I also included a link to my garden blog: The Rusted Garden

The Default of the American Political System

When Politicians Fail the People and Believe Their Own Rhetoric - We Need to Offer Tax Models

It is a dark time for all political systems in the world and that is a good thing. Technology has now come to the aid of the people. It is much more difficult for political systems to keep the people in the dark and in the case of America, much more difficult to be an elected Republican or Democrat and do little too nothing in office. Technology has changed the game. The people of most countries can now communicate, organize, express, challenge, and change their political systems with the click of a button. This is fair warning to our elected Republicans and Democrats… the people are on to you. It is important for us to elect politicians that understand our needs and that can be creative problem solvers and not rhetoric barriers. We need to offer them models of change so they can learn how to do their job. Sad… but needed.

Building a Squash and Cucumber Vine Tellis Garden

Let them Climb!

Squash and vine crops are great additions to the garden. They, however, take up a lot of space. One way to defeat this need is to plant them with a place to grow upward. Squash and vines need four things to do really well. They are heat, water, food, and space. This Knol is about giving them space to grow.

USA Youth Ice Hockey: It is Time for a New Culture of Safety

Advancing Youth Ice Hockey Safety Through Rule Modification

Youth ice hockey is a physcial sport but it is not a reckless sport. I believe proper checking has an appropriate place in youth ice hockey. I also believe rule modifciations such as Fair Play Rules are needed to reduce the risk of injury to our youth players, our children. Safety is about continual assessment and improvement. A cultural change is on the immediate horizon for youth ice hockey, USA hockey needs to lead the charge and lead the change. Parents want more for their children.

Youth Ice Hockey: Zero Tolerance for Head Hits

Good Ole' Hockey Culture Versus Seat-belts

We are now more educated as a culture about concussions and injuries to the head and neck. We must change the game of youth ice hockey in accordance to what we have learned.

Prevention is the only way to reduce harm to our children. You do not fully prevent harm by suspending players after the fact. You prevent harm by significantly reducing the occurrence of contacts to the neck’s and head’s of our children. A new rule must be put in place to address this.

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