“I am the 99 percent”: A Modern American Tweet Revolution

Good Morning Mr. and Mrs. Politician Hear the Voice of the American People!



Technology is pushing the world forward in a different way this time around. The ability to instantly communicate is now a mainstay ‘of the people’. Armed with Tweets, Facebook and related technology, people can organize in a blink. ‘Flash mobs’ are now the revolutionaries of the world. This is a good thing. The ability to ‘flash’ organize will be the end of or the counter to the money throwing lobbyists. The people now have their voice back or at least will realize they are on the verge of being able to speak loudly. Tweet and you shall be heard.

“I am the 99 Percent”: A Modern American Tweet Revolution

by Gary Pilarchik LCSW-C
The political system, as we once knew it, is about to drastically change. Over the last year a revolution has been brewing. I suppose it has always been somewhat quaint in the way the politicians would preface statements with words like, “the people want this.” Almost, as if they knew better than us. The question really wasn’t about who are these people the politicians are talking with but why did we so easily accept these political statements as our words; the words ‘of the people.’  We have all played roles in the past parade of politics in America. Those roles are now obsolete. Our ability to communicate almost instantaneously, is just beginning to be utilized as a modern tool for political change. Not a tool for politicians but for the people they serve. Politicians no longer need to state what the people want, they can hear it in real-time and will need to do what the people want in real-time – not the politicians time.
At every point of significant change, in the development of modern humanity, there have been key events which typically come from mastering a new technique or building on an old technology. The use of fire, the creation of written language, the use of iron tools, the use of antibiotics, the development of computers, and other key advances always set the ground work for the next revolutionary change. All these past advances are built upon. We have the ability to read, write and communicate and therefore we can create and grow both individually and collectively. The Modern Tweet Revolution will change the fabric of all political systems in the world. The ability to instantly communicate has been around for a relatively short period of time. We are just beginning to understand it and use it in a way that will change the face of the world we live in. The people of the world will actually get to know each other and speak in one voice. 
The significant event today that will change modern humanity and all related political systems is a social movement that was born on the back of communication technology. Our ability to communicate an idea, in an instant, to the world, to create change, is probably the greatest advancement in the history of modern civilization. It isn’t difficult to understand how the voice ‘of the people’ can only grow stronger and louder. It has already been used in Egypt and Libya to create revolutions. It is just beginning to be used here in the United States as away to face-off against the 1%. The Modern Tweet Revolution between the 1% and 99% of Americans is just beginning. This is the event that will change the world. It will pave the way for all future demonstrations. Modern day politicians will be swept into making paradigmatic shifts in their thinking, principles and parties. We are seeing the end of the out dated two party political system in America. The ability of the people to organize in opposition to the once quaint comments of the politicians, “the American people want…” has began. There will be no mistake in hearing what the people want.
We have now entered a world where the people can actually respond in real-time to polls, to express opinions and even vote. It isn’t so much a change in the actual technology but a change it how the people of the world are using it. This is a social change based on the ease of access to technology. Politicians will no longer speak for us but will have to speak to us. Politicians will no longer represent their party’s opinion but our desires. Politicians will no longer control the media, we will. The ease of communication and the speed in which people can now organize to express their concerns will wash the old political system away. The 99% of Americans will soon speak louder than the 1%. Those that listen will become the future politicians of America. Those that hold on to the old ways fade away.
Concerned Americans with like cause are able to tweet… demonstration 10/6 9-11 on Wall Street. Details, directions, needs and plans can be accessed by hand held devices from a website. Video can be shot and posted in real-time. Most political systems and modern media services are now obsolete. It is the actual people that can organize entire demonstrations in a matter of days if not hours, they will have the power to make and influence change. You may not realize it, but you are witnessing the beginning of the Modern Tweet Revolution in America. Tweeting is no longer about entertainment. It began to mature a few weeks ago. And it will grow beyond all our imaginations. I congratulate the people for finding a way to be heard over the stagnating voices of our politicians. The ability to use technology to almost organize over night, will simply overwhelm the old political safe-guards that delay and slow change. The Modern Tweet Revolution will be heard around the world by every person that has the desire to listen. And when the person hears something they like, they will be able to join up and get involved - in under a minutes time.